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Congratulations to Mark Wilson, Ste Cullen and Sasiprapa Kirkby for such a well run and well organised show.

Topping what was already a fantastic bill, we had a Junior English, British and World Title.  And the first A Class fight for seasoned fighter Bryan Creighton.

Congratulations to our new champions.

The results of the undercard were as follows:

C C Win Result
Oliver Goulding
V Mike Dane
Mersey Thai
Blue Unan
Nicha Emsley
V Megan Hooper
Widnes Kickboxing
Red Unan
Reice Carmichel
Widnes Kickboxing
V Bronson Price
Merseyside Kickboxing
Blue Unan
Johnny Macnabb
V George Griffiths
Blue Unan
Jimmy Donnolly
V Alex Brennan
Red Maj
Jamie Williamson
V Dillon Elsmore
Blue Unan
Coco Toychev
Huyton MMA
V Adam Carey
Team Kilbride
Red Unan
Luke Hardmen
Team Kilbride
V Jake Richardson
Blue Unan
Danny Leadbetter
V Ste Allen
Team Kilbride
Blue Retired
R3 45s
Anthony Magee
V Danny Aston Bowen
Mersey Thai
Red Unan
Bryan Creighton
V David Gumberly
Johnny Ts
Red Unan

Golden Belt Junior English Title – Thai Boxing 34-36kg
Ste Clarke (Sasiprapa Kirkby) V Dillan ODonnal (East Area)



Fought over 5×1.5 minute rounds, Ste Clarke won the Title by unanimous decision.


Golden Belt Junior British Title – Thai Boxing 36-38kg
Jack Beirne (Sasiprapa Kirkby) V Issac Taylor (Johnny Ts)


Fought over 5×1.5 minute rounds, Jack Beirne won the Title by unanimous decision.  This title fight was sponsored by Redway European.


Golden Belt Junior World Title – Thai Boxing 38-40kg
Nicholas Ball (Sasiprapa Kirkby, England) V Fouad Badhi (Belgium)


What a cracking fight this was.  The Belgium team had certainly come to fight, with Fouad Badhi taking the fight to Nicholas Ball from the bell for round one.  However, showing his skills as always, Nicholas fought back and took the fight by unanimous decision to become our newest World Champion.  Congratulations Nicholas, and respect to his opponent Fouad.


Once again the Golden Belt would like to congratulate and thank Sasiprapa Kirkby on such a great show.  We look forward to the next one.  And would finally like to congratulate Ste Cullen and Danielle Hartley on the births of the newest members of the Sasiprapa Kirkby team!

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